Durn thing quit in the middle of nowhere!

    What I hope to print here is a list of Auto Parts stores and their hours, along with a list of essential parts they stock to make your pre 1954  car run.  This would include ignition parts, 6 volt lamps, Fan Belts, Fuel Pumps, ect.   If your car stalls on your way to an Event, You will know the closest store that carries the part you need.
    Before you drive off into the sunset, copy this page.    Should the fan belt on your 37 Chev break, Your list will show what store has it in stock and their part number.  When the naive computer jockey behind the counter insist that he doesn't have it, and refuses to type in the SKU number, you can ask for a 1958 Case tractor belt. We know it's the same #42322 as used on 37 - 52 Chevys.
    If you know of a parts store in your area that carries parts, let me know their hours and SKU numbers for the pre 1954 parts they have in stock.    I'll print them up here.   <<c1937@znet.com>> .

(I've written to several parts store chain offices and have received no response.)

                       Still no replys .

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