Student Nurses at Saint Bartholomew's Hospital

Shepherd's Print of Barts Thomas Shepherd's drawing showing James Gibbs' architecture in about 1830 when the square was already 100 years old. London Plane trees provided shade and there was a fountain in the centre when we were there.

Off to Barts! I'm about to leave home to begin training.

The Set in 1965 Forty-six of us commenced our training in beautiful Piggott's Manor, Lechmore Heath, Hertfordshire in August 1965. I am sixth from the left in the front row.

Piggott's Manor Members of a previous set stroll in the grounds.

Barts Uniform Me in my new uniform - just look at those shoes! But as usual my cap is a disaster!

Nurses 1966 Members of our set during a study block. We wore our uniforms although we were confined to the classroom and did not go near a patient for a month!

Trolley Members of a different set learning to lay up a trolley.

Gloucester House Gloucester House, built in 1961, was the residence for qualified nurses. We each had our own room but shared other facilities. It also contained a swimming pool and a hall.

graduation Those of our set who were able to attend the awards ceremony. Surprisingly, this is one event where my memory has failed my completely. I have absolutely no recollection of it at all! I am in the middle row, second from the left. We don't look quite as regimented as in the PTS photo, and most of us have a lot more than one and a half inches of hair showing!

Barts-cert My certificate. Perhaps I will get it framed after all.

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