Doug's Partial Portfolio

Work contained on this page reflects, in many cases, work done for hire or for a specific purpose. Enjoy.

The logo for Melissa's newly created and
much sought-after class at the SDJA.

As part of educating our ninth graders at SDJA, we took several field trips to different college campuses. During one excursion we heard Quincy Troupe speak. This photograph captures the essence of his unrestrained power and energy.

The logo for the SDJA upper school athletic program. I rediscovered my retentiveness while going through the refinement process, but my goal was to have a product that holds up to the tightest scrutiny.


Finally my persistence has paid off. This character came to life in a logo for Family Self-Sufficiency. I liked him so much I reincarnated his likeness in several other logo explorations. For some reason I was never able to sell the merits of "Soloman." But wait, my partner, Melissa, asked if she could use this logo for the humanities program at SDJA...are you kidding? How could I refuse my partner, so...Soloman has found a welcome home in the arts. The moral of the story is don't give up on something you believe worthwhile.

Long ago, many lives ago, a dog named Pete was my best friend. I went off to New York City to develop my skills as a graphic designer and Pete stayed in California. While in New York I worked in the toy industry. The long and short of the story is a series of drawings. I registered and copyrighted "My Pal Pete" and, here 17 years later, I am resurrecting the series. | Top

This image, symbolizing the tree of knowledge, the 12 tribes, chai, and the menorah, is part of a preliminary logo exploration for the San Diego Jewish Academy. The logo development process led to a final logo designed by Nadine Benrey. | Top

The image on the left represents a screen with background options included in an electronic student portfolio that Deb Linder and I created for Coronado High School (CHS), Coronado, California.

The electronic student portfolio allows students to chronicle their growth, interests, aptitudes, and skills, and develop an appreciation for the portfolio as an important tool to be used throughout their lives. As with many projects, unfortunately, this never made it to life...oh well. |

This logo was created for use in an online Graphic Design Basics course Deb Linder and I developed.

One of my interests and strengths is typography. I find that as a graphic designer my responsibility is to present information and ideas in an inviting, easy to read, and easy to comprehend manner.

Typography is one of the tools that I enjoy using to meet my end goal of being an excellent communicator. |

This logo was designed for our bicycling team that was going to participate in the Race Across AMerica (RAAM) in the year 2000, until we got smart. Had we done the race there would have been four of us sharing the responsibilities of racing over 3000 miles, 24-hours a day until we finished. Each rider would have been on the bike for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour at a time, riding pretty close to as hard as he could. Yes, my sanity is in question. A friend sent me a quote used in a Rockport ad that read, "I'm comfortable pushing myself too far sometimes." - John Stamstad, ultra-marathon mountain bike racer. | Top

This drawing was inspired by my cat, Cayenne, I guess you have to have a cat to appreciate this drawing. | Top

I don't know if this logo was used, but it was designed to humanize an organization that helped people find housing in San Diego. | Top

This logo was designed for a women's and men's clothing business in La Jolla. | Top

This logo was created for an integrated creative writing, graphic design, and technology class, WriteDesign, that I co-taught for four years with Melissa McKinstry at Coronado High School. The results are worth seeing. So much so, that we submitted the class to the California State School Board Association's 1998 Golden Bell Award. Unfortunately, we did not have sufficient "hard data" to support impact of the class...consequently, the golden bell alluded us...oh well. Feel free to read the anecdotal support and get some insight into our process.


This logo was created for the online portion of WriteDesign. Melissa and I have taken all of our materials and we are in the continuing process of developing an online course. Fall 1999, we started new jobs at the San Diego Jewish Academy. WriteDesign online is alive and well, going through some transitions, including a new logo. | Top

This logo was originally designed by Laura Hill, the art teacher at Coronado High School and the Director of the Visual Arts program at the Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA). With her permission, I redesigned and computerized the image to represent CoSA.

In its fourth year of existence CoSA is clearly carving out a niche as a spring board for students interested in developing there artistic talents.

CoSA integrates a rigorous academic program with an uninterrupted afternoon arts program, all on the campus of Coronado High School.

The arts program includes intense curricula in instrumental music, musical theatre, technical theatre and production, dance, visual arts, graphic design, video, publications, and creative writing.

Even though I am biased, this is an incredible program. For more information call the CoSA Director, Kris McClung at 619 522 8969.

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