EdTec projects...
that's educational technology if you prefer.

The projects listed below were created while in the EdTec department at San Diego State University.

Starting with the first day of class in EdTec 540 and continuing on until graduation, I have had the incredible opportunity to work with Deb Linder.

Together we made a great team.

One that has fun, but also got things done.

See for yourself.

Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry, or how the media influences society.(Paper - Abstract) This paper is one of two projects done for EdTec 653 - Hypermedia and Multimedia, with Farhad (Fred) Saba. It explores the impact of the media by way of delving into the complexities of our decision making process.

WriteDesign Online, the second project for EdTec 653, combines work done in EdTec 572 and EdTec 650 and culminated in an integrated creative writing, graphic design, and technology based on-line course at Coronado High School. In 1999 Melissa McKinstry and I migrated to the San Diego Jewish Academy where WriteDesign is alive in a slightly different form - 9th and 10th grade humanities.

Fall 1998 we, Deb Linder and I, created an
electronic student portfolio for EdTec 684. As it turned out, I was working with the Coronado Middle School, in an attempt to get them to implement the HyperStudio based portfolio for their students. Not to be.

Graphic Design Basics and Learning Strategy Matrix This project is a combination of work done in two courses, EdTec 572 - Technologies for Course Delivery, with Bernie Dodge; and EdTec 650 - Distance Education, with Farhad (Fred) Saba.

In EdTec 572 the goal was to create an on-line course that provided students with direction, exercises, prescriptives, and resources to develop visually stimulating and effective materials.

In EdTec 650 the goal was to create an on-line resource consisting of learning strategies for our client, edtec students, and educators. In this project I had the opportunity to not only work with Deb Linder, but also a very dynamic, knowledgable, and fun person, Lt. Kate Janac, USN.

Teamwork yields incredible results.

CerebralFlatulence A card game created in EdTec 670 - Simulation and Games, with Bernie Dodge that uses a brainstorming tool, Synectics, developed in the 60s by W.J.J. Gordon, and adapted by Richard Couch in 1993.

I had the opportunity to experience a synectics' exercise at an arts educators' institute sponsored by the California Arts Project (
TCAP). I was intrigued by the process and continued to research and adapt the tool into my own bent variation, CerebralFlatulence. Hey, I liked the name and it says exactly what the process involves, interesting and spontaneous brain farts.

Upon reflection, the card game may be too much work so I have simplied its use by typing words on a sheet then cutting them up and putting them in a fish bowl, hat, or other container so that students may draw three at random.

The process is the important part. I have used this many times and find that by defining the problem (word(s)) and then brainstorming each one in the five different steps, that my understanding and perspective changes. My ability to ultimately solve the problem in a unique and effective manner confirms my belief that this is a valuable tool.

Christopher's Crossing A board game created in EdTec 670 - Simulation and Games, with Bernie Dodge that was used in a third grade classroom to illustrate and reinforce Chrisopher Columbus' journey to the new world.

Again, I worked with Deb Linder on this project and we were blessed with another great partner, Linda Paulson, who had some strange taste in comedy...oh well! Linda went on to work with us on a HyperCard math game that required way too many hours, but was fun to create.

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