a nephuncular conversation

Don't be fooled by this cute kid.

He is now 44, and, well, he is not a kid anymore.

We have been getting together since he was about 11 years old, what we call nephuncular days. Days where we start out with sushi and then wander around in search of art, life, and stimulation...eye candy for the soul.

On one of our excursions we started to write down some of our more profound statements. We vowed to have them published...

Here is a sojourn into our minds.

This may be, and probably is, a case of you had to be there.

I feel like a $100.

Might as well make it fairly obvious, subtlety is lost on the masses.

You know what, the meek shall never inherit the earth.

You're over it, we'll see?

In a busted sorta way

1 liners, we got a million of them. Now if we could only make money off them! Sorry, but they're not for sale. Seriously!

I can definitely tell a difference in my mannerisms.
See, it's there, you'll eat it, but...

I was too cheap...he was too lazy...well, that too!

Purple chips, huh, taste just like the white ones.

A gentlemen's agreement, something you'd never want to break.

Whoever designed these...f...ed up!

I'm not making the visual link here.

1-1/2 and 1-1/2 makes 3, but why? Because someone said so, and everyone else believed it!

Face it, we're a product of Bob!

Again, an exceptional situation.

Got that looking for a parking space stare.

A die that has no numbers, is like a pickle that has no ink,
but the peas do.

Green on go.

You can never have too many stupid little rigs.

Hey, it's not just me, buster!

But, do you?

Weak, but hey, it's better than nothing...

Some of that crap doesn't even constitute a cocktail napkin thumbnail!

Get past the bite.

You got the shoes? I got the quarters!

Feels like I'm walking on the ground again.

"Hip-happening" it's my new word...I made it up.

What do you know about pasta?

You look damn familiar...can I have a beer?

I would hate'm if I didn't know how to deal with him.

Take a seat, you're making me nervous.

Actually, I would rather have...

Just another micro brewery.

I don't like the feeling, but...

Try untying it first.

Hey, that's why you work...exactly.

We could call the book, "Bob."

The measure of good art...I'd put it in my house, if I had one.

Yes, you have seen us before.

There will not be any Pandas in this collection.

Can you revive a dead tree?
We pay top dollar!!!

And there lies the difference between you and me.

Dove, the person, not the soap.

You can only steal from yourself.

Feels like I've been here before.

Hey, biscuits and gravy, $1.99.

All it takes is a little brush and a lot of time
(in response to technical brilliance).

You look at the road, I'll look at the clouds.

Do you often sing while riding you're bicycle?

Sorry, but they're not for sale.

If you can't have a clean system, oh, well. Ketchup and wheat grass please.

A chicken died for those strips.

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