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This series found its inspiration on a long long train ride to San Francisco and back with a group of ninth graders; Edna Myers, teacher, tour guide, and human extraordinaire; Melissa, just see her work and you'll get a vivid picture; and Sarah-Rose, Melissa's seven-year old daughter. While truly delighting in the scenery and sketching the watering system of the California Central Coast farm lands, Sarah-Rose said,

"You'll never see them the same way again"

and the concept to develop a series started. Having played with, but not going too far, I managed to create one piece for Sarah-Rose. Not wanting to give away the template, I made a black and white copy for posterity and taped it to my drawing board where it sat for several months.

And there it sat.

Over Summer break I got excited and bought bristol board, pastels, colored pencils and I ventured on to another piece. The beginning of the series...well...YES...the beginning of the series. I'll call it a second-generation prototype.

And there they sat.

Firmly believing in the fermentation process, another six months, give or take, and inspiration struck again.

The next day my schedule looked empty and I started to think about my guilt, and the two pieces taped to my drawing board. Knowing at some point fermentation stops and drinking from the well begins, I decided to revisit the series using the scanned image of the template and PhotoShop. The results lie before you. I hope you enjoy them.

The process continues and I suspect when time and mind permit the series will continue.

Special thanks to Sarah-Rose, and of course Melissa, Edna, and Jeff. Jeff, SDJA Principal, best friend, and reason for becoming a "teacher", has inspired many things and this simply gets added to the list.

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