Out on a limb

Welcome to the beginnings of our venture to find the fruit:

the back of the back, in the country in the city, July 04

the front at the front, July 04

we flew our peace flags high, July 05

 we ramped up, September 04


we powered up, December 04, and then started Hadrian's wall, July 05

it was a jungle out there; July 04

we cleaned up, September 04

we planted our victory garden, July 05

we realized we weren't in Kansas...so we created a water feature, June 05

we cleaned up again, June 05


before we began, June 04

after ufo, September 04

let the sunshine in, June to September 04

dessert anyone? June to September 04

July 05

the more the work the sweeter the fruit, yet some things take time, June 04

and after all...we still enjoy reaching. July 04

 don't be afraid of going out on a limb,

that's where you find the fruit. October 04

May 05

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