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Advanced Awareness 


...The mystic may see that governments, largely supported by political social conditioning, kill, maim, control, manipulate, and deprive for some ideological nationalism or bureaucratic greed. The mystic may want to step out of this traditional disease of  "social responsibility." There need be social order, but enlightened social order comes from enlightened beings, not from governmental ideologies. [From Transcendence: The Birth of Homo novus by M. F. Taylor]        

 Welcome to the process of Knowing What is beyond the bondage of mind, space and time... abandon ye all hope and Know that all becoming is suffering in the attachment of consciousness to objects of desire.      

World In Denial

  Religious and political beliefs, oppressive law, all imposed upon and running the constricted consciousness of the species in deadly conflict world wide, is the the lunatic asylum that presently operates.


World In Denial is a new paperback that combines Secrets of Political Power: The Art of Political-Corporate Extortion (the problem) and Radical Consciousness (the solution). Both books are reviewed and sold separately on this website but are now available in one book: World InDenial, Problem and the Solution..



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Read This Book: God's Therapy & Cure By S.D. Lucifer  and get enlightened, like God, to know the truth of your existence.


     This is the journey, where the only real progress of mankind takes place, which is the advancement beyond the hypnotic trance of subject-object consciousnes and into the Nirvanic realm of Bliss-Being and beyond, where true Freedom and Creativity emerges.

       This is reclaiming your Self, not maintaining the compulsion you have become. This is understanding the Mystery of who You are, the journey Home, Knowing you are Lived. This is what Jesus Knew. What Buddha, Lao Tzu, and all the others have Known. This web page is just a personal and limited expression of That. And when you Know, you Know there is nothing to become because you already are It (but this is getting ahead of the game).

      It's not free. It's going to cost you something. The cost of Knowing who You are is the sacrifice of who you think you are; it's the sacrifice of your self. Now, if you are psychotic, or what they call a borderline, or where your ego defenses are a bit shaky, or you cling to your self with a death-defying compulsive grasp, such a journey Home may be contra-indicated for the time being (or where much more assistance is indicated). Such a journey (on the more conscious path - it's all, of course, a journey) is not even for the normally neurotic self as that self is simply the socially conditioned robot, a mechanical-self, who has merely bought the cultural illusion and rather desperately (neurotically) tried to live up (or down) to that delusional condition. When the mature adult begins to experience the true condition of itself, caught in the endless birth-death cycle of objects, and begins to despair (which is the natural agony of this level of consciousness) this may signal the beginning of the emergence from the social-cultural trance. As the trance condition of the subject-object consciousness winds down, just on the other side of the despair, is the Awakening, the Realization, a new level of consciousness.

       The self's quest for Wholeness is the spiritual path. But the self can never be whole as it is a fragment trying to be whole, generating the illusion of its self. The self, for most, is not even yet understood as a conceptual self, an illusion generated by fear and compulsive, unconscious hiding from Life and Death. But, that's okay, normal, not to be condemned, but understood. Also, be warned, this is not "new age spirituality" which is often a defensive avoidance by the suffering self.

        So this more conscious journey tends to begin, for most, only when the trance of their usual self-activities begins to be questioned (or often when some tragic event breaks through) and wears down in terms of meaning or happiness, and so on. Here, the real barriers begin to emerge (as the more conscious journey gets underway); and quite often when the more empty and meaningless condition of the self gets stuck in despair most flee from this condition as motivation, desire, or intent are not strong enough to proceed to the mountain top. That's okay. It's perfectly normal. Each level up the mountain has its own theater, drama, and cast of characters.


 Radical Consciousness

Radical Consciousness is what I call that consciousness beyond the conventional level of ego-self. It comprises experiential knowledge beyond the usual fusion with belief systems and social conditioning.

A few have made this exploration and have attempted to communicate what lies beyond the Homo sapiens constriction. Sometimes it is known as Truth, Enlightenment, Higher Consciousness, and many other related names.

I also suggest that the discovery and integration of this Awareness is a developmental jump from Homo sapiens to Homo novus. It is a mutation in consciousness, and an evolutionary leap from the Homo sapiens constriction to what will be another species (which however is irrelevant to the Realization itself).
                                                                                        - M. F. Taylor