Bert Glick
214 Vista Prieta Ct.
Santa Cruz, CA 95062


      B.A., Roosevelt University, Chicago, Ill, 1962.
      Associate Arts Degree, Art Institute of Chicago School of Acting (Goodman Theater), 1962-1964.

    Writing Experience

      Cookie Aura: Selected Poems, 4th Ed., (ISBN 0-931020-23-7) Crosscut Saw Press, Berkeley; numerous additions sold, 1977-present. Distributed by Bookpeople.

      I use To Be Me: Selected Poems, 3rd Ed., (ISBN 0-9647373-5-3) CC. Marimbo Communications, Berkeley, CA.

      Publications by the author include:

        Ball Poetry Occasional
        Berkeley Review of Books
        Berkeley Works
        Exit 13
        Santa Cruz Good Times
        EDGZ Anthology

      Publications about the author include:

        Berkeley Barb (1977)
        San Jose Mercury News (1980)
        Santa Cruz Good Times (1980)
        Daily Californian (1989)
        San Jose Mercury News (1989)
        Hillsborough Burlingame Boutique & Village (1989)


        "Liz & Les Strata"

          staged reading, 1993, at LaVal's Subterranean Theater, Berkeley
        "Night in the Shakespeare Ward"
          produced at LaVal's Subterranean Theater, Berkeley, January-May, 1994
        "Malinche--Tongue of Cortes"
          (co-authored with Deborah Zike)
          staged reading at LaVal's Subterranean Theater, Berkeley, 1995
          staged reading at Yoga studio on 44th Street, Oakland, California, 1997
        "The Holy Weed"
          (co-authored with Alan Berg)


        "The Holy Weed"

          produced and aired on Channel 71, Santa Cruz, California, 1997
          Video of the Month for Feb., 2002 on

        "Night in the Shakespeare Ward"
          produced and aired on Channel 71, Santa Cruz, 1998; Channel 26, Berkeley, 1998; Access Cable Channel in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1998; and in Austin, Texas, June, 1999


        Weekly theatrical and poetry performance acts for Cable Channel 24, Oakland, airing November 1991 through November 1992.

      Radio Readings

        KPFA, Berkeley, half a dozen times, 1989-1991

        Pacifica Radio Station, Philo, California (three times, 1988-1990)

        UCSF Radio, twice, 1992-1993
        KKUP, Sunnyvale, CA., May, 2001

        KUSP Radio, Santa Cruz, Oct, 2010

      Featured Poetry Readings/Performances

        Myriad featured readings in libraries, bookstores, coffee houses, bars and auditoriums, including: The Green Mill (home of the Poetry Slam, Chicago); The Marsh, (San Francisco); Coffee Mill (Oakland); Larry Blakes (Berkeley); The Blue Monkey (San Francisco); Wash Rock Cafe (Santa Cruz); Berkeley Art Museum (Berkeley); Center of the Universe Cafe (Sonoma, California); Pacifica Poetry Festival, Nov. 19th, 2000; The Coffee Mill (Oakland, CA., 2001); The Coffee Bean, (Berkeley), 2002, 2003; Santa Cruz Public Library, 2002; Eighth Street Studio, (Berkeley), 2002, 2003; A featured poet on the Petaluma Poetry Walk, Sept. 21, 2003; Cafe Pryia, (Berkeley), Feb., 2004;  Berkeley Public Library, Jan., 2007; Cafe Pryia (Berkeley), April, 2007; Frank Bette Performance Center, Jan., 2008; The Frank Moore Internet Show, Feb., 2008; Alameda Public Library, CA., March, 2008; Featured at Bookshop Santa Cruz, Aug, 2010; Featured at Priya Resturant (Berkeley), Sept., 2010; etc., etc.; Cafe Nefali (Berkeley), April, 2011; Cafe Arrivederci, San Rafael, CA, Feb., 2012; Sacred Gounds Cafe, San Francisco, CA, March, 2012; Santa Cruz Public Library, July, 2012; Aug, 2014; Artists Embassy International Dancing Poetry Festival, Second Place Winner, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, Sept. 2015. In December 2016, He was a featured poet at the Felix Kulpa Gallery in Santa Cruz.


        Wrote and performed theatrical skits about censorship and the environment at The Spreckels Performance Center, Rohnert Park, California, 1990.

        Acted in Hamlet as Polonius & The Grave Digger, LaVal's Subterranean Shakespeare Theater, 1993.

        Also played roles in "The Holy Weed" and "Night in the Shakespeare Ward", live and on video.

      Poetry Slams (juried competition of live poetry)

        Won a Poetry Performance Slam working with an actress in a poetic burlesque of Jessie Helms, in Sonoma, 1991.

        Winning member of the Santa Cruz National Slam Team, August, 1997.

        Slam victories include: The Green Mill (Chicago); Wash Rock Cafe, Santa Cruz; The Starry Plough, in Berkeley.


    Book and Video Available on Request