All books focus through the eye of Radical Consciousness

God's Therapy & Cure By S. D. Lucifer
M. F. Taylor; Eclipse Press, 2002; Paperback, 180 pages, 8.25" x 5.25"; ISBN 0-9631530-7-2

The title of the book is the title of the play contained in book which is a comedy-farce, an allegory for the fall of Spirit into matter (involution) and the climb back through mankind's evolution of consciousness.

The play is about enlightenment (in a humorous context); awakening from a lower order act of who we think we are, to a higher order of Being

The book contains a humorous and explanatory basis for the play, as a letter (44 pages) to Woody Allen attempting to convince him of its potential as a movie or musical. There is also an extensive Glossary.

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Transcendence: The Birth of Homo Novus
M. F. Taylor; Eclipse Press, 1991; Paperback, 118 pages, 8" x 5.5"; ISBN 0-9631530-0-5

This remarkable book gives not only a slice of the author's experience, but integrates Western psychology with Eastern esoteric traditions.

The author pulls the props from under the many forms of egoic manifestation while moving ever closer to the Realization of pure Awareness. The journey is sometimes discomforting, even perilous, but it is the birth of Homo novus, a new being, that emerges.

For those who have begin to challenge or even break from the artificial social existence, this book is a recommended accompaniment. . . .

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Third Mountain View

Third Mountain View
M. F. Taylor; Eclipse Press, 2000; Paperback, 103 pages, 4.5"x5"; ISBN  0-9631530-3-X

From the Preface...

The following dialogues are partially edited exchanges between the author (M.) and others, during March and April in the year 2000, on an Internet E-mail discussion list known as, on the Online Noetic Network. Thanks to all those who extended the effort and thought to communicate.

This book is focused on the subject of Awareness and a radical way of Seeing. While this subject has a long historical and wide literary background, the Understanding of Awareness, which is the Being of It, still appears largely hidden from, and hidden by, the average person.

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Radical Consciousness


The Last Magic Show: Toward The End of Time...At About Noon
 M. F. Taylor; Eclipse Press, 2001; Paperback, 181 pages, 8.5"  x 5.5"; ISBN  0-9631530-4-8

In 1988, the author and his brother talked about life, death, the magic show (a level of consciousness), and what appears to be some kind of advanced awareness related to the perennial philosophy of being.

The Last Magic Show demonstrates the difficulty of communicating a level of realization that cannot be heard by a level that is simply not yet open to hear, as it is too busy translating its own level of functioning (or defending that level as a state of security or insecurity).

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Radical Consciousness

Radical Consciousness
 M. F. Taylor; Eclipse Press, 2001; Paperback, 181 pages, 4.25" x 7"; ISBN  0-9631530-6-4

This book was originally compiled from a monthly journal called Essential Reality published between 1992 and 1994 by Eclipse Press. It was later made into an eBook, offered free on the Internet, and is now a paperback. The book has an "Addendum" that includes the How to Mutate series which was also offered free on the Internet.

The book expresses a radical outlook from the point of view of a higher consciousness.

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Secrets of Political Power


Secrets of Political Power: The Art of Political-Corporate Extortion
 M. F. Taylor; Eclipse Press, 2001; Paperback, 176 pages, 4.25" x 7"; ISBN 0-9631530-5-6

The premise of this book is that economic exploitation by corporate and political America has become a way of life, engineered by a money elite that is moving toward world wide domination under the guise of Capitalism, free-enterprise, and Democracy. Neo-fascism is the name for this economic exploitation.

The book is written sardonically, and sometimes humorously, from the point of view of a neo-fascist instructor dispensing political secrets and history lessons to present and future politicians.

It is of course written for the edification of U.S. citizens who are increasingly robbed blind by a pandemic of corporate greed, in alliance with political power.

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The Essential Solution: Beyond Religion
M. F. Taylor; Eclipse Press, 2002, Paperback, 196 pages, 8.5" x 5.5"; ISBN 0-9631530-2-1

Explains, describes, and offers the solution to: the true meaning of Jesus and Buddha; "death and resurrection"; the problems of racism, religion, and traditional mythology.

Quotes from the book...

  ". . .The Absolute is the Essential Solution that transcends all categories of thought. Language and metaphor are used to point, but the Absolute cannot be described or qualified; it is not a category of thought.... ...Reality is the Suchness of each thing. This is It. This is the doctrine of Tathata....

...Jesus communicated methods of entering the Kingdom. He did not propose a new belief, but a new Consciousness..."

"... The Church appears to know as little about the birth and death of Jesus as it does about true mysticism, which it has historically suppressed..."

". . .This book does not console. It undermines. It is not an attempt to prove anything. . .I merely testify to that which lies beyond the paucity of existence lived compulsively within the confines of any belief, and particularly that which lies beyond our present technological-material mythology. . . "

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