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God's Therapy & Cure By S. D. Lucifer
M. F. Taylor; Eclipse Press, 2002; Paperback, 180 pages, 8.25" x 5.25"; ISBN 0-9631530-7-2


God's Therapy & Cure By S. D. Lucifer

Excerpts from the Introduction:

 "Dear Mr. Woody Allen,

        Enclosed is a play for your consideration as possible movie material. It is offered to the entertainment world as one small step for mankind, a point of light at the end of Plato's cave.
        I know you like New York but look what happened on September 11, 2001. A boost in consciousness for the species is becoming essential, before its level of ignorance reaches a critical mass and New York becomes a cinder in the sad eye of radioactive history. Mankind is at stake here Woody, and God's Therapy & Cure By S. D. Lucifer reflects a consciousness that promises to change the face of the planet once its seeded into movie theaters, potentially resolving the ignorance of Homo sapiens by mutating the species." [page 11]

        "In God's Therapy & Cure By S. D. Lucifer we go beyond the existential. The play begins with God's existential position; a profound symbolism depicting the absurd and pathetic condition of Homo sapiens symbolized as General Peti, unconsciously played by God.
        This is a play within a humorous and therapeutic context, offering genuine resolution in a nutshell, not only for the audience but for God. You put it beautifully when you said, Woody, that you were "two with nature" (in a humorous sense). This is the basic sin of Homo sapiens as well as God, the resolution of which is the focus of the play."  [pages 15-16]

        "Adam and Eve and their descendants had to suffer such outrageous afflictions which were not just for Cosmic Entertainment, but due to God's therapeutic process, which was a little rough in the beginning. A benevolent, sane god, just does not inflict such terror and suffering, which was also His own agony (thoughts) while undergoing Therapy by Lucifer. Yet never forget that it all has Entertainment value for the Cosmic Play; intensity of emotion with mental entanglement and derangement was all simply missing from the Garden of Eden as a kind of Perfection Paralysis. The early treatment was a little gross, with manic-depressive overtones." [page 22]

        "The loss of self identity is God's fear in confronting the Void, the very Emptiness holding up the illusory edifice of Himself. No wonder Kali (the Great Goddess disguised), in the Play, is so frightening. Union with Her means utter annihilation of self, an apparent stripping of all Form, but also the Great birth of Suchness, Original Face. Yet this unveiling is nothing more than a fundamental principle at the core of everything created. Even atoms unite in the flame of love, each separate entity dissolving into the other to reveal a new being or whole or higher principle, yet preserving original identity within the higher whole (a molecule in this case). And so it is with Homo sapiens that seek a deeper Self, struggling for birth as Homo novus. One such mutant form in history was Jesus Christ, and the message was love. But to Know Christ is to be Christ (or Buddha, et al, as that consciousness), to mutate, not to imitate. [Pages 52-53]

        "Kali (or Shakti, the Great Goddess in disguise), as a more advanced god, in the Play (though not necessarily in history), in Heaven's Dungeon, is the Feminine Principle, a receptive function hidden in God that is repressed due to his own Patriarchal or Male Principle domination and distortion, a function of an early but vulnerable exuberance of His Identity. The wedding symbolizes the reconnection to this hidden Feminine Principle of reception and incorporation for the deeper Realization of the Void and His cure. Emptiness (beyond the idea of nothingness) is greatly feared, yet on the other side, or within, is the Eye of Everything manifesting as Suchness, the Gushing forth of Love, the Perfume of Spirit unveiled as Existence Itself.
        God, in this Realization (which is only implied in the play as the union with Kali), Realizes he is Part and Whole simultaneously, and now Creates (performs His Role as God) without separation (sin), and the guilt hidden behind a defensive perfectionism that was due to His exclusive identification of Himself as God. He is now Knowingly the Suchness of things Created, not just the Ideal Form or the projection of the Subtle-mental constriction.
        This is also the Realization of the new Being, Homo novus, which is a more aware and integral consciousness than the former Homo sapiens. So, as the actors (Angels) proclaim in the last lines, "Thank God!" ("And Shakti too!").  [Pages 53-54]

        "Actually, I think the entertainment sense of it almost demands a musical and perhaps I should write to Mel Brooks but I wanted to give you first shot as your humor is not quite as gross.

        S. D. Lucifer
        January 1, 2002"  [Page 55]

From the back cover:

  In Act I of the play, not realizing he is God, and suffering from amnesia and other psychiatric problems, General Peti is confined to what he thinks is a military mental ward, in therapy with Dr. Fag, alias Lucifer
   Dr. Fag attempts various means, some questionable, in order to recover God's memory. We learn not only that god is missing in action but that the Earth play, full of war and greed, has become melodramatic and needs better scripts, requiring a mutation in species (from Homo sapiens to Homo novus); like Lucifer engineered in the Garden of Eden Play. In addition, Dr. Fag suggests, he wants better press, his own play, and historical clarification of his role.
   General Peti's memory seems to flash on and off regarding his identity as God in a variety of dreams with which Dr. Fag attempts analysis. Dr. Fag's apparent assistant, the Nurse, increasingly reveals that Dr. Fag's therapy is limited, and she begins to have a more assertive role in the process. We discover the Nurse is actually the Great Goddess who assumes a variety of roles in the play as Nurse, Kali, and Shakti (also has played roles as Eve and the Great Mother), and takes over this Dream Play, becoming instrumental in God's recovery.
   We learn in Act II that God's Therapy takes place in Heaven's dungeon, at the Academy of Gods in the Celestial City. General Ignorance has taken command of Heaven, and the purpose of recovering God's memory and power is to overthrow General Ignorance from Heaven's Throne so we can all have better quality of Play on Earth.





Transcendence: The Birth of Homo Novus
M. F. Taylor; Eclipse Press, 1991; Paperback, 118 pages, 8" x 5.5"; ISBN 0-9631530-0-5


Ch. 1. INVOCATION (An Introduction)

Ch. 2. BENEDICTION (A Personal Experience Of Transcendence)
Methods For Christians
Methods For Intellectuals
Methods For Jews
Methods For Couples

Stages & States
The Trance
Toward Awakening
Toward Wholeness

(How To Be A Perfect Clown)
Stage-State One: A Bunch Of Clowns
Stage-State Two: Am I A Clown?
Stage-State Three: Conceptual Clown.
Fourth Stage-State: The Basic Clown
Fifth Stage-State: The Mysterious Soul-Clown
Sixth Stage-State: Clown Alone
Seventh Stage-State:The Original Clown

(For Advanced Students)
Homo novus Birth Kit
(For Homo sapiens On The Path)

  Nothing can really prepare you to understand the creative power, the experiential bliss, the love and freedom that is at the center of yourself and the universe. It is called transcendence or enlightenment and other names known for centuries. It is the Source which has no beginning or end, and which words and symbols can only point. It is beyond description, logic, or belief but can be experienced.

  In TRANSCENDENCE: The Birth of Homo novus, the author writes:

"Transcendence, in the final stage-state of Realization, is Consciousness in Its purest Condition beyond all conditions. It is This that is Love without an opposite, Beauty without an object, good without evil, Truth as It is, Life beyond death, the Freedom beyond all confinement, and the Unknown within the Known."

Once a person has made contact with the Source they are not the same. Nothing can be as it was because now you Know, and you Know absolutely, not conditionally, relatively, or with belief and ideation.

But most people are victims of cultural beliefs and conditioning. Even the most rudimentary examination of the lives around you, or your own life, suggests something is wrong.
Society perpetuates a low level consciousness that teaches you to become a slave to various beliefs.  But the cult toys and ideological games will eventually not compensate for the poverty, homelessness, joblessness, crime, drugs, wars,depression, hate, fear, and suffering these beliefs overtly or covertly generate.

Homo sapiens is presently trapped in a morass of suffering; beliefs that determine experience. Most lives are full of deadening resentment and the real potential for joy is hidden. Homo sapiens must evolve or suffer the consequences of an outmoded consciousness, the results of which are appearing more acutely in the environment.

  New and extended perceptual faculties are available to those who enter deeply and beyond the guilt and fear created by belief systems imposed by society. It is possible to Know the Source in yourself that has no limitation and creates the freedom that is Homo novus, a new being, and a consciousness beyond Homo sapienss' obsessive and compulsive ego-maniacal demonstration. Homo novus, the identity that is the Realization of your gift, is unique yet paradoxically and intimately related to others beyond ego separateness - the experience of Oneness does not mean sameness.

  Once you Know the Source, the dim consciousness of present level belief systems, currently ruling and determining experience, will seem like products of the Dark Ages. While the limitations or problems of these old beliefs may persist, the individual who has Known the Source can more consciously choose or not choose to operate those beliefs, and create other beliefs to experience - problems become opportunities.

  The wholeness, peace and certainty you have sought all your life in substitute programs and beliefs lies right at the center of yourself. Find out who you are. discover the fundamental Ground of all existence.

Read TRANSCENDENCE: The Birth of Homo novus.

This book is about growth and leads us
to consider what is essential to arrive at
a radical understanding of ourselves.
S.M., M.A. Clinical Psychology

Inspired me to examine more deeply the
futility of man's search for meaning within
traditional social mythology. For me this
has meant living the questions with no
conventional solution.
C.W.D., Ph.D., Clinical Psycholog



Third Mountain View

Third Mountain View
M. F. Taylor; Eclipse Press, 2000; Paperback, 103 pages, 4.5"x5"; ISBN  0-9631530-3-X

From the Introduction:

Welcome! Tea?

The title of this book comes from a well known Zen statement made by Seigen Ishin, a Buddhist monk. He said: "Before a man studies Zen, to him mountains are mountains and waters are waters; after he gets an insight into the truth of Zen through the instruction of a good master, mountains are not mountains and waters are not waters; but after this when he really attains to the abode of rest, mountains are once more mountains and waters are waters."

For the purpose of this book and its explication of Awareness (or Suchness, Isness, Enlightenment, et al), the above three mountain-steps, in a process of becoming more aware, depict three views from three types of mountains (states of perception). And so the title, Third Mountain View, refers to the Understanding and state of Perception stemming from This Mountain. The subject matter of the enclosed E-mail discussions focuses around these three views in some form: Duality (the usual everyday unconcerned ignorance -- 1st mountain); some "insight," maybe some glimpse of the Real Mountain out of the corner of the eye, or experiencing the 2nd mountain momentarily as the realization of Emptiness, a Void or the absence of self and mountain (Note: this seems like a logical negation of 1st mountain, and often appears as a negative view of life to some. But what it Reveals is the Third Mountain View, which is the affirmation of Life). The full Third Mountain View is neither duality nor non-duality and both. There are many ways attempting to express the Third Mountain View, but all are just a pointing. The state of Ignorance of the egoic self will not be dispelled by intellectual or metaphysical knowledge. Yet the struggle to Understand What is Hidden is an integral part of the process of Understanding. So the struggle to climb the 2nd mountain is an important part of the process. It represents the hunger for deliverance in the winding down of 1st mountain illusion and trance conditions; and sometimes, also, there are special effects or extra-ordinary views in the 2nd mountain climb that were not seen from the 1st mountain view.

But in the 3rd Mountain View, "the abode of rest" is the Realization that we are all being Lived. It is the Realization of Suchness and Wholeness as Being the Unity, without separation from What Is in all distinction, as What Is. It is the Realization of Love as It Is where there is no separation between heart and mind, yet the Flow is from Heart through Mind as Spirit which makes everything possible. This is a Real and Knowable state of mind (the most real). It is the Freedom sought behind all illusion, oppression, subtle or gross, from self or other. It is the very basis of the motivation to climb all Mountains of any height, and the source of all becoming.



Last Magic Show


The Last Magic Show: Toward The End of Time...At About Noon
 M. F. Taylor; Eclipse Press, 2001; Paperback, 181 pages, 8.5"  x 5.5"; ISBN  0-9631530-4-8


Ch. 1 May 23, 1988 ...That's a little scary...
Ch. 2 May 30, 1988 get what you think...
Ch. 3 June 1, 1988 ...change is of the essence...
Ch. 4 June 6, 1988 see in the non-reactive way...
Ch. 5 June 10, 1988 ...The measurer is the measured...
Ch. 6 June 19, 1988 ...just look at one thing...
Ch. 7 June 24, 1988 ...ghosts have effects...
Ch. 8 July 3, 1988's a battle for your life...
Ch. 9 July 7, 1988 ...the sorcerer's apprentice...
Ch. 10 July 21, 1988 can't love what you need...
Ch. 11 July 23, 1988 ...waiting for God...
Ch. 12 July 29, 1988 ...this seeing is change itself...
Ch. 13 July 31, 1988's show biz...
Ch. 14 August 7, 1988 ...great gaps of reality...
Ch. 15 August 15, 1988 about noon...
Ch. 16 Dec. 25, 1988 ...a simple life of love...

Excerpt From Chapter 8, page 97

....        "So what we do is just watch the reactions without reacting any further. This is not a suppression or denial of anything. This seeing is really just a witnessing, yet with a touch of the mystery. It is from this mystery that we see, and what we see is really like a magic show…just flashes on a movie screen…you turn the lights on in the theater…and its neither light or dark.

        I chuckle.

        "I find that nothingness is hell. I fear the loss of control…the ability to handle life."

        "You have created and have invested heavily in making the illusion real. The illusion has become a solid chunk of hell."

        "It seems real." Russ says.

        "Yes it does. And it is supported by society…that is why society is insane. People have lost the deeper sense of intimacy with things…have become unbalanced…look how insane it all is. Fear is the result of thought, thought is the result of memory, and memory is a tape from the past that appears to control both the present and the future. We have a lot of junk tapes that control us and create junk lives. We have this memory that creates conditions that create false identities that limit what or who we really are. These old moldy tapes, which are not seen as old moldy tapes, prevent the new, the flow of life, because we identify with these tapes, thinking that is who we are…that identification is anti-life and it is bound to fail, bound to self-destruct in the end."  

        "But don't we need a memory?"

        "Yes and no. It is the degree, the degree of identification and the fusion with the past that creates all the unnecessary fear and illusion."

        "Maybe we are talking about an impossibility." Russ states.

        "It may seem paradoxical…if you are totally in the present then there is no time and no memory…but there is consciousness, or an awareness that includes what we are calling time or memory but is not bound by it…that seems hard to get…"



Radical Consciousness

Radical Consciousness
 M. F. Taylor; Eclipse Press, 2001; Paperback, 181 pages, 4.25" x 7"; ISBN  0-9631530-6-4



Chapter 1. Eye of Awareness
Chapter 2. Act of Awareness
Chapter 3. Challenge of Awareness
Chapter 4. The Tree of Life
Chapter 5. Miracle Healing
Chapter 6. Denial of Life
Chapter 7. Your Next Abusive Daddy
Chapter 8. Wake Up America
Chapter 9. Political Oppression
Chapter 10. Terrorism: Proof of Homo Sapiens' Stupidity
Chapter 11. Cults and the Seeker's Dilemma
Chapter 12. Police Abuse
Chapter 13. Police & Legal System: Public Ignorance No. 1
Chapter 14. Original Love & Relationships
Chapter 15. The Brutality of Greed
Chapter 16. The Sword
Chapter 17. Just Dying to Evolve
Chapter 18. Awakening
Chapter 19. You Can't Fool Mother Nature
Chapter 20. Seeds of Love

How To Mutate (1) - The Quantum Connection
How To Mutate (2) - No Way Out
How To Mutate (3) - The Calling
How To Mutate (4) - Holy Smoke

      The basic premise is that Homo sapiens are an antiquated species. They have served their purpose as having established a base upon the planet, being the best killers, while developing their minds as self-conscious creatures. But this is a somewhat retarded operation at this time, without further understanding or development beyond the fusion with various belief systems or mental operations.

      Homo sapiens represent the adolescence of the human being. It is still a species that postures for identity and power. It is motivated by fear, the base of its operations. Defense is its structural pose and upon which its identity is grounded. The very structure of the self is maintained by "defense mechanisms." All this creates a limited and constricted consciousness; energy which is repressed and wasted, but waiting to emerge in a more creative being. The creative release of this energy requires a new form to contain and mold. This is Homo novus.

     The essays expose the limitation and constriction of Homo Sapienss' consciousness within personal, social, and political realms as well as suggest the solution, which is transcendence. Transcendence is the mutation from Homo sapiens to Homo novus, a new being. This is a shift in consciousness from the fused and embedded constriction of the "mental-self" to wider more inclusive and Aware realms. The shift is not simply an intellectual understanding, but an actual vertical step of consciousness beyond the mental or intellectual realms and into the heart and spaciousness of higher consciousness.

     From a developmental point of view, this shift is a mutation and not a variation of species. The shift does not create a better person or society, but a new society altogether. The shift includes the lower level developments of mind and intellect but begins to incorporate what the lower mind tends to exclude (Wholeness, Intuition, Love, et al).

     But in order for this shift to take place, whether in individual or society, observation of the constricted behavior with a Seeing and Hearing Awareness may need to begin. The essays in Radical Consciousness are a kind of observation from this perspective.

More Quotes From The Book

"To wake-up is to see through the trance and hypnosis of all belief systems, religious or secular."  - page 67

"The value of relationships is to realize them as a means to grow more deeply into Awareness and Love. Love is found when you realize who you are. This is a secret worth Knowing" -page 92

"The fundamental being is not interested in happiness at all...It is already resplendent Blooming as What Is."  - page 145

"I say, with absolute certainty: Awareness exists beyond the duality of conventional consciousness; and that It exists at the center of yourself, even as yourself." - page 170

Read "How To Mutate (1) - The Quantum Connection"
(All 4 included in book's Addendum)




The Quantum Connection


         There is awareness beyond thought and the self; this is the goal to know. There is a long historical tradition, the perennial philosophy. It is the enlightenment factor, much misunderstood. It has been called Suchness, Moksha, What is, Immortality, Kensho, God Realization, Satori, Enlightenment, Sahaj Samadhi, Bhava Samadhi, Nirvana, Heaven, Tao, Void, Love, Bliss, Truth, etc.

          Awareness (another word for a kind of enlightenment or consciousness) is the very ground of being. It is not an epiphenomenon of matter; it may come through the brain but not from it. The brain does not produce it. Rather, the brain is produced by Awareness. The brain (among other things) is a material substance that can record experiences. Thoughts, among other things, are recordings that gradually produce an identity based upon unique experiences (since no two brains occupy the same space at the same time). This memory accumulation (as well as DNA configurations) is called the self. Most of the attachments to thought, which are both the cause and effect of experience, tend to define, limit, and determine the personality or character -- our ego identities. Hence, belief systems of various kinds are running the show in which most Homo sapiens are trapped or hypnotized. These beliefs produce the wars and man's social and psychological/pathological diseases. This is the "sleep," that is also perennial, to which various awakened ones attempt to point in order to help awaken others from the ignorance of this sleep, or ignorant attachment to beliefs.

          Meditation is the observation of the above process of thought and memory accumulation (emotion, beliefs, etc) by a particular brain. This is "witnessing" the process rather than being attached to any particular content (of thought, emotion, etc.).

        The view from such a position (witness) eventually allows the observer to transcend thought. Transcending thought is also the transcendence of the ego-self as this self is just a group of thoughts and attached memories, etc. A gap occurs, and a shift, and something opens to other dimensions. This is the mutation.

          Reference can be made to the particle and wave in quantum mechanics. The more "certain" you are of being "fixed" as a particular identity (a particle, a discrete material thing or thought; where your consciousness is fused with the idea of yourself), the less certain you are of momentum or the dance of Awareness as Suchness. The more "you" disappear as thought or ego-self (separated and detached from the fused identity of self) the more Suchness appears not as a thing but as another level of consciousness beyond the ego-self (the wave function in quantum mechanics, as analogy).

              The ego-self, like the brain, is more like animated dead matter, or a particle without any real life. It is a machine, determined, pure cause and effect stuff that gives the illusion of life with various  reactive emotional attachments and belief systems -- this is conditioned existence, determined and mechanical. This is the usual self, a conditioned robot in which Awareness is imprisoned, fused, or captured, and results in the particular level of evolutionary development that we generally see today (which is in dire need of mutation, expansion, or a shift out of the fused/retarded condition).

            What is the meaning of your life? Just sincerely look and see. Just see that your ego-life contains a kind of dread and lacks joy. Watch how mechanical it all is. Watch. Observe how thoughts and beliefs are actually determining your experience (plus or minus). Become the Witness. A radical awakening is at hand. A radical Intelligence is about to happen. This is not just another experience, more content happening in the brain. No, this is beyond experience and content. It is what happens outside content and experience. It is Awareness in which content and experience become possible (similar to the space in which quantum objects appear). You are that Space as well as the content that accumulates. In that Space is creativity, the Unknown, the mystery of existence.

          So it is actually quite simple to mutate. Just shift to the "space" domain which is more akin to the wave function than the particle function. You have all the instrumentation necessary.

            Of course it is not likely that you will use it as your conditioning is too overwhelming (the quantum condition is habitually collapsed into the known condition of self before you generally become conscious of the beauty and nature of Awareness -- Samadhi, higher realms, etc. Nevertheless, it is always possible to mutate (the quantum wave function is a fundamental condition of space-consciousness) and evolution waits your interest and determination which is required.

              When you develop the ability to shift to higher level observations, and do so with increased frequency and integration with the hard-body-copy (physical-structural form), the more you become a Buddhi consciousness rather than just an ego-consciousness. This process is the evolution of consciousness in the making.

               If you understand the above you've just saved yourself thousands of dollars in consciousness expanding fees and very possibly have saved the world from almost certain destruction based upon its present ignorant course of retarded development, in terms of present political and corporate designs of power and greed.


Secrets of Political Power 

Secrets of Political Power: The Art of Political-Corporate Extortion
 M. F. Taylor; Eclipse Press, 2001; Paperback, 176 pages, 4.25" x 7"; ISBN 0-9631530-5-6




Economic Fascism is the way of corporate-political America for a better justice, equality, and liberty for all.


        Even though equality, freedom, and liberty are hopelessly confused terms, they are used for obvious political reasons. It is simply that in the name of freedom and equality it is better to coerce others for their own sake, knowing what is better for them than they know for themselves.

        "Equality," of course, has never existed in nature. Certainly there is no economic equality, no political equality, or equality before the law.

        Economic inequality is an obvious reality. It buys better legal service and controls the media and so buys justice and votes. Economic inequality creates class differences.   The system of economic inequality is the standard system of most any society or government, past or present. For the wealthy to give equality, freedom, or liberty to more people would be insane.

        Many may think that to coerce (enslave) people is to deprive them of freedom. But what kind of freedom? There are many kinds of freedom. Those with the greatest freedoms have merely been able to exploit others who have not made use of their freedom to do the same. If freedom has meant anything, historically, it is the freedom to exploit others. It is our God-given right to be free to deprive others of liberty, who don't know what to do with it anyway. To coerce others into a neo-fascist way of life is "manifest destiny," and the real meaning of freedom, liberty, and equality.

        Now, a system that depends upon exploitation, inequality, and the misery of millions of other human beings some may think is unjust and immoral. But where will you find anything better? Corporate-political Capitalist domination is simply a better system of injustice and immorality.

        Individual liberty is really only a very modern phenomena. Individual rights are completely absent from Roman and Greek conceptions (and also from Jewish, Chinese, and most other ancient civilizations). And let's not forget that a "Democracy" can be a cover for a despotism that is as brutal and tyrannical as any dictatorship, and that a benevolent dictatorship can give the masses more freedoms than a Democracy that has never existed except as some ideal or illusion.




The Essential Solution: Beyond Religion
M. F. Taylor; Eclipse Press, 2002, Paperback, 196 pages, 8.5" x 5.5"; ISBN: 0-9631530-2-1

Table of Contents

  The Absolute Solution

  1. The Spiritual Mind/Quest
The hard shell of the ego has served its purpose. The next phase, the Spiritual Quest, is the opening of this shell to reveal Life beyond the ego-mind.

  2. Questions
What is the nature of our inquiry? What are we seeking? Are we looking for something beyond ourselves or are we not in the process of discovering ourselves?

  3. The Secret & Essential Mysticism
In our understanding of mysticism we are after the Secret, the fundamental Secret, not a few games. What is the fundamental mystery of our existence? Essential Mysticism deals with that fundamental problem and solves it Absolutely.

  4. Undoing: Going Within
The true material (our reactions) are the situational teachings. Any teaching or teacher worth anything is going to make us aware of our "stuff" because it is this that is covering the Divine.

  5. Steps To Destiny?
To Understand either Love or Right is the only step necessary, which is the first step. But since we have forgotten what that step is about, methods are used to help us remember.

  6. Community?
As groups evolve, they evolve a structure, a morality, or a tradition. It is this tradition and structure that becomes a barrier to change. . .Freedom does not mean that I become more of myself, but that I have less of a self to become.

  7. The "World" and Racism: The psychology of Hell
Hell is wherever "you" are.

  8. Eros, Myth, and Humpty Dumpty
Eros cannot ultimately be confined to the artificial boundaries of society's myths.

  9. A Problem of Evil?
Most today are still "falling" for the promises of the snake, the hiss of hell, and the "good" ego life. This is perhaps a natural evolutionary phase. But it is nothing more than a limited reality of consciousness; a dream nightmare compared to the Reality of the Light radiating from the Tree of Life.

  10. "The Last Temptation of Christ": Beyond Tradition
It is not until one sees through all illusion (good or evil), that the Crucifixion is complete, and the Resurrection, the final Realization, is Known.

  11. Jesus And The Samaritan Woman: Two Levels of Consciousness
Jesus did not propose another belief. He did not suggest another ritual of translation from one belief to another. He spoke about transformation, a transcendence from one level of consciousness to another.

  12. Jesus and Nicodemus: Faith and Belief
All true religions establish in some form, the process symbolizing the return to what we are, a Self beyond the ego. But this process is often lost within the surface beliefs of traditional religions.

  13. The "Lord's Prayer" (A Method of Transcendence)
True prayer or meditation is a quality of action. It is not concerned with the results of what it will bring, but is itself an entrance to the Kingdom, which brings Its own results.

  14. The Death & Resurrection of Jesus (The Ultimate "Let-Go")
The crucifixion is a dramatic symbolism of "letting go" and entering a higher Life. It is out of this transcendence, the return to the Garden, that Something Blooms all by Itself -- Self, Love, Beauty, Truth, Freedom.

  15. Interview With Jesus Christ
"What I represent in history or religion is not what I am. I am not an idea, yet it is the idea, a product of the imaginative mind that is sought: This can never be Truth. Religions provide some instruction, some ethics or morality, but morality is not Love."

  16. Political Religion
Truth is never borrowed. It only happens individually. It is not something that can be taught. It is not information or dogma. No one can give it to us. We are on our own, alone. There is no outer authority.

  17. The Freedom Beyond Myth
Myths are not only to be lived, explored, and questioned, but to be transcended in the realization of their limitation.

  18. Why Can't you?


More Quotes

". . .But when the mind looks at the Absolute it generates paradox because the Absolute is beyond the mind's duality -- the natural way the mind knows things at its present level of knowing. It also tends to generate morality and religious meaning and ritual. But the only way to Know the Absolute is to become It, and this is a radical spiritual transformation, an individual direct opening beyond ego-mind. This is the essential solution. . . "

". . .If "belief" in God or the "use" of religious "belief" does not lead beyond something free from sectarian bigotry, violence, and political manipulation, then I suggest there is something seriously wrong with religious "belief." In this sense these beliefs, political or religious, are diseases. We either destroy ourselves with these belief-diseases or transcend them. Transcendence is the Essential Solution, which is our personal confrontation and discovery with the absolute. . . ."