Radical Consciousness
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This book expresses radical statements from a view of higher consciousness.


Radical Consciousness 

 C H A P T E R   4



        Ignorant, rationally arrogant, fused and constricted with its egotistical mental construct, Homo sapiens pollute. Drugs, war, crime, greed, racism, violence, poisonous environments, alienated and destructive relationships of all kinds are the result of a separate ego-materialistic ignorance and mythology. Bloated prisons, massive starvation, hopelessness, and wasted lives are the direct result of Homo sapiens' tradition of ignorance and greed from the highest levels of oppressive governmental delusions (the political thuggery) to the level of individual delusion. A "free" society without vision and wisdom is not a free society but the lunatic asylum that presently operates.

        On the other hand, there is the potential for a mutation to Homo novus. What does this mutation mean? It is the upgrading of Homo sapiens from its constricted ego-maniacal base to the Realization or Recognition of a larger Consciousness. This is a shift in the base of consciousness from the dualistic determined ego-constriction and the field of relative consciousness, to a higher-wider region of fullness and meaning (and even beyond meaning). It is an unequivocal transcendence of the subject-object relationship, beyond space, time, and causality, yet includes it. There is a complete Knowing of Freedom, freedom from fear and loneliness. There is an increase in the qualities of calmness and serenity, and an immediate grounding within the intimacy and presence of the Real. Homo sapiens' ego-constricted pleasures are coarse and repellent in comparison to those of Homo novus.

        Homo sapiens was only a temporary life form a speck, a point consciousness in the Universal field of Consciousness or Life. This speck-consciousness, in the form of self consciousness, was meant to evolve toward  a wider more inclusive Knowing, and beyond.    

        The confusion of what this "Knowing" is about has created all sorts of misunderstanding by Homo sapiens. This is understandable as words and language are a subject-object medium, and the speck, self-consciousness of Homo sapiens, is linked and embedded within this duality as a mental adolescence or retardation. The shift to the consciousness of Homo novus involves what it means to transcend that duality, and the psychological and perceptual modes that are embedded in it. Homo novus is simply a name for those who mutate and Know this. But trying to describe what is on the other side of Homo sapiens' imprisonment is a little like trying to describe Shakespeare to an ape in a zoo.

        "Experience" is grounded within the subject ("I") who experiences something about an object ("other"). Harry (subject) throws the ball (object).  But can Harry be conscious without an object in his field of consciousness? Supposing Harry had no mental content (objects). For most Homo sapiens this is a dreamless sleep or unconsciousness. But in terms of the "mutation" or change from Homo sapiens to Homo novus, it is an awakening point where the "I" is superseded (or contained in) the "Self" which is the Space beyond the subject-object fusion. No longer is consciousness necessarily limited by the projection and interjection of objects. Consciousness can now see this; see this self-conscious seeing.  

        But Homo sapiens' consciousness is largely embedded in duality, and sees only emptiness or nothingness beyond this duality. Sometimes it can see the absurdity or paradox of its duality, but most often the self identity is threatened by even an unconscious glimpse of "nothing" and translates this as death, and actively avoids or defends against this seeing. Homo sapiens can see "nothing" beyond its dualism. There is no self without other; there is no other without self. And to cancel either is unthinkable as a reality.

        The first step out of the burden of duality in which the Self is embedded as conscious self, involves the dehypnotizing and identification with the "other" or content of mind. And just beyond this is the Realization that the self is a void in the plenum of existence of void-objects.  The self is now Self as non-experience, spread out in Space. This is Consciousness no longer limited and constrained within a separate and personal identity; self is reduced to a kind of zero; yet still existent as content, of sorts, within a larger Space (which is itself a kind of ultimate subtle subjectivity Nirvana). This Spacious Self, however, is not the ultimate transcendence of duality, as it is still subject to conditions. The final Realization is beyond Nirvana where affective aspects of Nirvana and all duality are ultimately transcended and seen as potentialities; Consciousness, like pure energy, is neither matter (objects) nor radiation (non-objects one kind of void), and both. Here, time and space are of no consequence. There is neither agony nor bliss, neither action nor non-action, neither freedom nor constriction. There is not the tension between subject and object, nor the nature of experience as usually understood as some event that takes place in time. Yet, this is the source of every thing and every time. It is no thing and no time, yet THAT which is. It is the Root Consciousness which is not time-conditioned nor time-bound. It is THIS that cannot be proved by logic, nor experienced within the subject-object domain, yet can be Realized. Realized by what?  By Itself?  

        How do we become self-conscious? Is it not through opposition, or awareness of the "other?"  The "other" appears to make us aware of ourselves. This is the duality of self and other that arises as "mind" or "self" consciousness in Homo sapiens. Note that in the domain of relative consciousness "evil" (or resistance and pain) is as important as the "good."  That is, bad is defined as that opposed to good; or good is defined as what is opposed to bad each depends on the other for definition or meaning.

        The Adam and Eve myth is still a good analogy for the problem of duality. Without partaking of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge (duality) mankind would never have evolved self-consciousness. Lucifer (barer of light) is the force that made Homo sapiens conscious in the relative world of duality. Homo sapiens, of course, still has not learned this lesson and tends to disavow the necessary rela-tionship between good and evil so as to see themselves in the "right" light. But so long as the dualistic consciousness prevails (either consciously or unconsciously), then Lucifer is the God worshipped. No wonder the "world" is full of pain and suffering. Unknowingly, Homo sapiens is made self-conscious through Lucifer's tireless efforts. Lucifer is Homo sapiens' god.  Whether the "subject" is good, god, or "I" and the object is evil, devil, or other, it is all in the world of dualism, the conceptual world of Homo sapiens' mind. We can thank God for Lucifer, for without Him Homo sapiens would still be apes in a forest, never having  evolved as even the speck of self-consciousness it is today.

        So in the first phase of the path out of dualistic entrapment, one path is to recognize the "other" in such a way as to see "them" as ourselves. We inflict the "other" upon us as pain or pleasure. That is, the more we consciously see the "other" as ourselves, as content in our own minds, and as the pain we create, the more conscious we become of the duality and the dilemma of self as a duality. The "other" is a projection, but this is not understood (this does not mean, for example, there is not real pain that may indeed be the result of "other's" actions).

        Most of the time the inner consciousness of this duality is avoided in the psycho-logical sense, as Homo sapiens exist together in some agreed (a-greed) upon mutual disease called relationship or "use" of each "other."  At every moment, the other or self is resistance as reaction, which is the tension of objects in duality. Jesus said, resist not evil (don't deny it), for it is through this resistance that true self consciousness becomes aware of itself. Unfortunately, Homo sapiens still largely deny the evil (shadow part) within which is projected as the "other" or on the "other," and maintains the unconscious worship of Lucifer. This guarantees endless reaction and suffering on the level of duality. But if Light had no resistance would it know itself?  Hence, the important temporary function of Lucifer. Homo sapiens is both that resistance and the evolving Light moving toward the Tree of Life which shines Eternally in and as all fundamental things. But Homo sapiens, as the tree of duality, knows only the suffering of birth and death, and not the Tree of Life which is Eternal. Homo novus is that form which has Realized more of Itself as Light or Consciousness and Knows the Tree of Life as Its timeless Self.