Sex & Spirituality

Here, "Spirituality" means greater intimacy and deeper awareness. And "sex?" You know what that means, don't you?

The energy of sexuality has provided the fuel for a lot of conflict, personal and cultural. The manipulation and control by religious and government interference (dogmatic beliefs and perverted laws) has created oppression, suppression, and repression of this energy, delaying the true maturation, and ruining many lives.

Our understanding and integration of this energy has become fragmented and immature. Our so called "liberated sexuality" is hardly more than genital sexuality, which when confined as such, represents the repression of Awareness, of much deeper intimacies and erotic energies beyond your imagination.

Sexuality changes as awareness grows. For the average socially confined ego-consciousness, the development is not much beyond adolescence. By watching this energy, intimately, as a kind of meditation that watches the content of the mind, the fantasies may give way to a more intimate understanding of sex energy in surprising ways. This does not mean squeezing out the most pleasure or becoming celibate. It means becoming more intimate with what is actually already there.

Have you tried having a sexual experience without any fantasy entering your mind? A sexual fantasy reduces the energy into a form which creates excitation and tension within the body, usually focused on the image or the body of another person. Notice what happens to your attention.

For an experiment with sexual energy and awareness, allow the energy to build when with another person, but before orgasm, allow all fantasies or thought about what comes next to dissolve. Stay completely present with the energy. Let any personalized thoughts and images pass away. . .remain with the energy as attention, but not focused or reduced into images or thoughts. If you do this, where sexual energy is no longer personalized, you are entering the ancient technique of Taoist and tantric yoga. This is awareness as energy, where the self dissolves and just Awareness remains.

There are all kinds of techniques involved in tantric sexuality but the above is a simplified reduction of the whole matter. But note: THIS IS NOT A CASUAL MATTER. THE ENERGY OF ATTENTION AND AWARENESS CAN BREAK DOWN YOUR EGO SECURITIES. Sexual energy, when added to such states of attention, can blow your identity sky high and create all sorts of problems for the constricted ego-identity if not part of a disciplined and knowledgeable practice. Only those who are seriously involved in transformative functions, and have a deep commitment to a relationship (or where one has passed beyond simply using the "other" as a means of self gratification) should consider any extended exploration of this area.

In tantra, existence itself is the lover. One does not direct oneself to any kind of experience. It is a surrendering to the energy as it intensifies, with attention. There is no desire to possess another. If your sense of identity is predicated on the other's existence as "husband" or "wife" or "lover" it is not possible to know them in a higher sense. But as the separation between you and the other dissolves, you are no longer lovers in reference to each other, but to something much larger and deeper. 

One who has touched the more integrated sexual energy can stand outside fantasies, roles, and names, and simultaneously allow a more intimate relationship. While the usual level genital sex can be a profound expression of love, it is also addicting a level of separation and dependency. Here you have your usual reactive attachments of love and anger. This is where most reside in their love affairs, and why most relationships are actually unconscious.

Few have any awareness of the impersonal nature of their energy; it is all unconsciously personalized and largely conditioned by the culture. What is called intimacy is unconsciously regulated by the legacy of religious control and cultural law. Most simply have never known what it is to stand outside the content of their own consciousness.

The play of ecstatic, spontaneous love is the nature of tantra, not the limiting of partners into irresolvable conflicts. This begins with self examination and observing how the movement of sexual energy can break through and dissolve the subject-object boundaries of the self. By awakening this natural power within, self-transcendence is possible.

Over several thousand years of recorded history, individuals have practiced tantric meditation, the utilization of sexual energy for liberation. This is perhaps one reason religions and cultures have suppressed and controlled sexuality to the degree we see even today.




The following are typical questions asked regarding Sex & Spirituality.
The answers are not sealed in stone. The emphasis is on direct experience,
not particular beliefs, but beliefs, as well as anything else can be
discussed. Enlightenment is individual and such knowledge cannot
be obtained second-hand.
Q. Your combination of the sexual and spiritual is interesting but
doesn't this go against the religious or spiritual grain? These two
things are traditionally kept separate, the sexual or sensual is
even suppressed in order to obtain spiritual knowledge.
A. Direct spiritual experience in the sexual area can eliminate the need
for middle men who want to sell you their beliefs for money and power.
Sexuality can be an ally of true spirituality but an enemy of second-hand
religions which control people with various beliefs. Any direct path
removes the need for religious leaders and institutions. Each religious
institution wants to control the process and be an exclusive source of truth.
There would be no need for churches, priests, masters, gurus, etc. if people
had direct access as in sexual practices. Societies have mostly now
assumed this control for the same reasons.
Q. Are you a part of any religious or spiritual organization.
A. No. Such organizations tend to control and brainwash people
whether they are called religions, beliefs, or ideologies.
Q. Isn't what you are stating about Sex & Spirituality a belief?
A. In a sense, yes. But it is a result of experience, not belief.
What is involved here goes beyond simply the pleasure of the senses,
but includes them, fully exploring them, integrating the spiritual
with the sensual. While in a physical body, I don't see the spiritual
dimension as something detached by belief, idea, or some ideology. The
emphasis is to discover your own way, discovering your own experience.
This is no small task as the self you have constructed has been almost
entirely externally constructed with ideas and beliefs which are not
your own, even though you now think you are having your own

Q. How can sexuality lead to spirituality?
A. The feeling of oneness and unity that can result from sexuality
is one of the most universally accessible spiritual experiences, but
it is most often not recognized as such. It is reduced to fucking,
making babies or marriage, etc., and generally has bad press. It is
seen as biological instinct that must be controlled. It is seen as
hormones or simply chemical urges and so on. It is confined to genitals
and gonads. This is all a function of the limitation of the conceptual
mind that reduces experience to the various prisons of belief. What we
see and experience is a result of the legacy of religion and the social
politics of control, power, and confinement. This process is so
pervasive and "natural" that most people simply don't know the
limitation they live. The opening of this limitation moves into realms
that are sometimes called spiritual or higher consciousness (there are
many names). But this is just an expansion of what you already are.
An expansion of your sexual experience is an expansion of these
limitations. It is a natural energy that can enlighten the being beyond
the usual limitations.



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