Vasquez Rocks

July 21, 2005

In which I visit the asteroid of the Metrons.

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Vasquez Rocks Park is located in California north of Los Angeles.   The park has been and continues to be used as a location for many many movies and TV shows, most importantly for me several episodes of the Original Star Trek series episode, such as "Arena".   From interstate 5 take the Antelope Valley Freeway (hwy 14) east to Agua Dulce Canyon road and follow the signs.

Captain and the bamboo
Here Captain Kirk stands by some bamboo he will later use for a cannon to shoot the Gorn.

Kirk and no bamboo
Here ordinary Kirk recreates that scene. The bamboo will grow centuries from now for the Captain.

Captain runs up the rock
Another shot from the series, the Captain runs up the rock, giving a better idea of the scale. I have no idea what that blue rectangle is in the center, some film defect?

The Captain faces the Gorn.

Same area, my personal shuttlecraft in the center.

The Gorn in the road in the background of the above scene.

Captain Kirk pushes a boulder (blur in center) to fall on the Gorn (lower right of center), who, being a reptile, has no agility and can only watch helplessly.

The same scene closer to the present space-time coordinates.

Typical area in the park.

Panorama of "Kirk's Rock" clumsily stitched together

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