Kurt Roll Primitive Design
About the Artist

Kurt Roll is a second generation San Diegan who has worked professionally with steel since 1990. His interest in ancient cultures began about 15 years ago when he found petroglyphs near a favorite remote desert campsite. Kurt and his wife, Susan, continuously travel to study more of these prehistoric works of art. His work is in galleries and fine shops across the country.

Kurt Roll - Click for larger photo"Because of my fascination with ancient cultures and my recent experience working with steel, I have combined the two and created these sculptures and line of jewelry. By transforming prehistoric rock art into steel silhouettes, I can then share with you the magic, power, and spirit of the world's first artists. Each figure has its own interesting history, and most of them were considered to be spirits and sacred to the ancients. Out of the thousands of rock art figures that I have seen over the years, I feel these figures chose me to make them. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed bringing them to you, and I wish that only good spirits travel in your world."

Kurt Roll

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