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Mexican Hairless - pila
Pio - Xolo - Xoloitzcuintli
Techichi - Elephant Dog - Inca

On this website you will find notes and pictures of hairless dogs.
I share some of my knowledge about their particular genetic make up and traits. You will find some notes of my own theories, some ancient data and what breeders have experienced in recent years.
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A House full of Hairless Dogs!

They have ruled the bedrooms of the Americas for 3000 years, as noble medicine dogs and hot water bottle substitutes, they have earned their throne. If you have a bed like this one, you must be a Xolo person living in a Xolo house. This is the bed in the master bedroom at Lizardhaven, and these are just a few of the inhabitant Xolo. Usually they are not allowed on the bed, but try and explain that to them.