Resources for the young-at-heart who are new to computers and Internet technology.   I use this resource page as a teaching aid when someone in my small community asks me to help them learn how to use a computer here in Borrego Springs, CA.  Website design and photos (unless otherwise noted) by Kat Gibson, POB 147, Borrego Springs, California 92004.  All Rights Reserved.

Kat Gibson's Every Day Resources  -  Sitting at my computer the other day, trying to research some information on the Internet, I found myself deploring the loss of the Information Highway.  After a few ponderous moments I realized this highly-touted resource apparently dead-ended on Madison Avenue sometime in the year 2000. Even though my favorite search engine, Google, is really very helpful, I decided that I needed web pages to help find my favorite "stuff." (you know how it is when the dreaded CRS Syndrome attacks :-)

Because my Anza-Borrego Desert Resources page was getting too big to navigate quickly, I created this page to make access a little easier regarding information outside of my little world in the Anza-Borrego Desert, Borrego Springs, CA 10/16/2006 -Kat

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Beautiful Borrego Springs - Open Sky Country In The Heart Of The Anza-Borrego Desert

- used, secondhand, rare, and out-of-print booksellersAlibris - "Books You Thought You'd Never Find"...  I use this resource when I buy or sell on eBayThe Internet Public Library - University of Michigan School of Information online books.

Get recipes for free

San Diego Film Commission
- San Diego County's resource center for filming in the Borrego Springs and Anza- Borrego Desert area. California Film Commission - Film permits for the Anza-Borrego Desert State - Film reviews, news, clips and trailers.   You will need the new RealPlayer to view the film clips and trailers, and can download from this website. .Association of Film Commissioners International   The Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) is the official professional organization for film commissioners who assist film, television and video production throughout the world. It is a non-profit educational association whose members serve as city, county, state, regional, provincial or national film commissioners for their respective governmental jurisdictions.     Inland Empire Film Commission - Location Scout resource for Riverside and San Bernadino counties (includes Palm Springs, California).  Internet Movie Database - My first choice when I am researching anything to do with movies.  Use their search database to find a movie, biography, photos, quotes, etc.  You can also visit their Now Playing page to find a movie playing in your local theater.  Science Fiction Channel - official Web site of the SCI FI ChannelI spend way too much time at the Star Wars website, but love every minute of it.   Variety - Entertainment news since 1905...seems more and more difficult to find what I am looking for on the site... guess everybody needs to make a buck; the more pages they make you download, the more numbers they can give their advertisers... which is another story (see Dr. Steven Turner's "..How the web works" for inside information on website statistics.

Internet Technology
C/Net -
One of the better sources for computing and technology if you can handle the "sticky" pages and abundance of advertising.  Walt's Internet Glossary - This glossary is a real help when trying to decipher all the Internet terms that can boggle the mind of a newbie.   Urban Legends - From Barbara and David Mikkelson is a fun site with humorous commentary.  Virus Encyclopedia from"..Remember: Any executable has the potential to harbor a virus infection. Beware of attachments received unexpectedly, even if from a known source. Don't open files that have double extensions. Make sure you have file extension viewing enabled.."  I, personally, do not open any email attachment unless a personal friend or business partner guarantees the attachment is virus-free, nor do I open any forwarded mail.  I immediately delete (without opening) all spam, unless it is a link to an offensive site, which I report to my anti-span resource at my ISP.

Maps and Weather - Borrego Springs Zip Code is 92004
Center of town address to use for driving directions to Borrego is 595 Palm Canyon Drive
Map and Directions to Borrego  - Map of Anza-Borrego from DesertUSA - National Weather Service - Instaweather (from Borrego Springs High School)

American West, The - History and Development of the American West.  ArtCyclopedia - Fine art search engine; artists, museums, links, and news.  Art History - Resources on the web. Sweet Briar College, Virginia.  Library of Congress - Search their catalog.  Mirriam-Webster OnLine -  Language center.   Reference Desk - Facts on the net. - Word resources; even a translator!  I often get a busy signal from this site.   Just try again later; it is well worth a visit when you have the time.  WWW Virtual Library - Oldest catalog of the web.  World Wide Web Acronym and Abbreviation Server from "University College Cork - National University of Ireland, Cork"

Search Engines
More Listings, More Advertising, More Cookies - But I use 'em!  AltaVista - AOL NetFind - Excite - HotBot - Lycos - MSN Web Search - NationalDirectory - Yahoo

Search Resources
Ask Jeeves
Ask a question; Jeeves gives you resources to help narrow your search. - AV Photo Finder -Alta Vista helps you find a photo. Dogpile - Searches the most popular Search Engines, (Yellow Pages, White Pages, City Guides, etc.), at once.  Thunderstone - Ask a question, click on The Web radio button; quick and easy document search.  The Spider's Apprentice - A helpful guide to Search Engine information.

Special Interest
Old Farmer's Almanac - Sun & Moon Rise & Set
  Film location professionals should definitely use this resource when planning to shoot Anza-Borrego!  Recent Earthquakes in California  Most of us live on a fault line in California.  I check it out every time I feel a rumble.  Searchopolis - "Focus your search on a special collection of educational Web sites."  Good for kids!   A real-person guide to San Diego, California.  American Legion Post 853 Borrego Springs - Free RV dry camping for members and guests.

Specialized Government/Law/Medical
California Law - FirstGov
US Government links - State of California links to California state websites - FindLaw - LawCrawler - Medical Dictionary from Medicine Net - Official U.S. Time

Consumer Rights in Santa Monica, California

Borrego Springs Business Telephone Directory
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