(French pronunciation is "coop - A")

    Coupes are a single seat,  2 or 3 passenger vehicle, with one row seating.  Opera Coupes with a Jump seat and Sport coupes with a Rumble seat are stretching the definition.  Saturn's 3-door coupe is a misnomer.  It is correctly a 3 door sedan with no leg room in rear seat.

These were the  first 4 types of coupe offered by Fisher body company in USA, Europe and other countrys.
             Business Coupe                            The Coupe Pickups are discussed on another page.

Deluxe Business Coupe:  #1017 = 56166 were built, 2980 lbs., $585;  Standard #1217 = 54683, 2910 lbs., $525

             Sport Coupe                                                  Cabriolets are breifly discussed on Tourer page.
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Deluxe Sport Coupe: #1087 = 8935, 3000 lbs., $615;    Standard Cabriolet:  #1267 = 1724, 2910 lbs., $620.

Holden, of Australia didn't have quite the volume but they combined the Coupe and Coach to make a more practical vehicle that the Fisher counter part.  (My thanx to Chris Shead for sharing these images with us.)
 Sloper Coupe:  Deluxe = 207, Standard = 834, Business = 212


      For more information on the Fisher Coach, click here. 

This Israeli coupe had a side mount.

    The standard Coupe I had in High School is an example of how something could be totally worn out and still run.  The fact that I don't have any photos should be a relief to the viewer of this page.

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