Coupe Pickup/elCamino/Ute

    In the 1920s, when the passenger and half ton chassis were the same, (except for gas tank location) there was no difference between this and a half ton Pickup.  Chevrolet made Roadster Pickups around 1927.  I do not have any detailed information on these vehicles.
    In 1931 GM bought the Martin-Parry body company and made their first half ton pickup (Commercial Open Express).  In 1933, the half ton truck chassis and sheet metal changed significantly from that of the passenger cars.  In 1936, Fisher, not Martin-Parry,  offered a "Coupe Pickup" on the Standard passenger car chassis.  109" wheel base.

It cost about $100 more than a half ton PU and could haul about a quarter as much in weight and volume.  Also known as the "Foreman's Pickup".

    In 37, the pickup box was removable and a deck lid could be fitted making a standard Business Coupe.   Likewise the box could be purchased at the dealer and fitted to Standard or Deluxe Business Coupe.  I have no production figures for this model.  It cost aproximately $580 and weighed 3085 Lbs.  A 37 half ton Pickup cost $475 and weighed 2945 Lbs.

   The 38 was very similar to the 37.

    The big change for 1939 is that the bed was even shorter and had Chevrolet  script on the Tailgate.  The Club (or 5 passenger) coupe was introduced in 1939 and the business coupe had a luggage compartment inside where the long trunk of 1937 - 38 was located.    This meant the front of the 39 bed ended at the rear window. The 37 - 38 ended at the back of the front seat, near "B" pillar. The 41 sketch below appears to have the full length box again,  tho it doesn't show how they got by the bulk head.

     Coupe Pickups were discontinued in 1942.  The 1955 second series had a Wide Fendered Cameo to dress up the workhorse.  By 1959, the famous elCamino had another Foreman's Pickup.

 Australia's GM Holden was a step ahead offering a Ute.  This was a single unit body for Coupe or Roadster or half door coupe.  The latter puts todays low riders to shame using the Roadster door with a hard top.    This is the only photo I found of Ute bodies waiting for assembly.
Steve sent the photo to the right.

(I wish to thank Bruce for providing the following information and production figures.)

Chevrolet made the Coupe Pickup from 1936-1942. 1936 was the only year that
the box was not removable and the only year the car had a sidemounted spare.
In 1937 thru 1942, the box was removable and a deck lid was provided so you
could have a normal looking car also. The spare was contained in a compartment
located under the box which was accessed through a small door.

The production figures I have are as follows;

1936    3183
1937     NPD (2000-3000 approx.)
1938     NPD (1500-2500 approx.)
1939    1264
1940      538
1941    1135
1942      206

I don't have any photos of my Coupe Pickup.  It is a half finished project burried in parts for other projects.

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