In this section I will discuss Holden and Fisher passenger cars.

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Notice the difference in the hood (bonnet) sides in the 2 pictures above.  The bumpers are also of the Master Deluxe of the respective body makers.  The rest of the photo could have been sketched by the same artist.  The lady appears to be standing inside the right cowl.
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Two passenger cars                       2 Door-4 Passenger                    4 Door 4+ passengers

 Holden Roadster                                    Fisher Cabriolet #1067                           Holden Tourer

Fisher Business Coupe #1217                     Fisher Coach  #1001                      Fisher Flatback Sedan  #1209

    .       . 
    Holden Sloper Coupe            Inside Sloper shows folding back seat.            Holden sedan

Fisher Sport Coupe #1087              Fisher Town Sedan   #1211            Fisher Bustle back sedan #1019


Fisher Coupe Pickup #1217P           Fisher Sedan Delivery #1271          Fisher Taxi - Limousine #1323 or #017

Holden Roadster & Coupe Ute              Holden Panel Van                 European Fisher Imperial & Fitzjohn #12or1023

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Omnibus, School bus    .     .     .     .     .     .     .    .    .    .   .   .  Flxible bus    .    .    .

    I wish to thank Chris Shead for sharing his Holden brochure which greatly improved the  quality of the Holden photos.    I really had to scrounge for the photo of the Panel-van & Utes.  The coupe ute body is the best I could find and the Roadster Ute is on a half ton chassis so not a true Holden ute.  If you have Holden Commercial or Truck photos you would like to share, please email at  <>.
    I realize that GM made Chevrolets in Canada, Argentina and South Africa.  I know they're different from above. I may have missed an unknown Fisher or Holden body style.   If you have information or photos, Please email me <>.

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