Sedan Delivery

1929 Sedan Delivery

     The Sedan Delivery (SDDL) was first made in 1928 using a Coach body without windows but included a  rear door.  This body was used till 1932 with front sheet metal of appropriate year.  In 1933 & 34 the (SDDL) Fisher passenger car body was attached to a half ton chassis.  Late 34 SDDL were attached to a Standard chassis.  In 1940 they were available in two models.  I believe 1960 was the last SDDL available as full size passenger car.  The SDDL reappeared time and again.  Even on a Vega body.  They were all Fisher body passenger cars and  left the trux to "Martin-Parry" since 1931.
    The 37 SDDL was available on the standard chassis.  I once saw a 38 on a Deluxe chassis with dual sidemounts.  The numbers under the hood were 38-1071 so it must have been a special order.  I think this body style would have looked better, give better visibility and access behind seat,  if Fisher had used the Coupe door.  I have heard of hot rodders making a "Nomad Delivery" recently.
    Photo below was taken at 2001 San Mateo Roadster show of a SDDL with slanted B pilar.  For some reason, it didn't come off that well.  Trying to take a photo with my back to the wall and thousands of spectators walking by didn't come off that well either.


Tho the 37 Sedan Delivery had a 1/4" longer wheel base than the Panel truck it could haul less.

    The Model #37-1271,  base price was $565,  weighed 2950  Lbs, and 9556 were made.

Here's specs:    Note in drawing above  that it displays deluxe bumpers when in fact it uses standard Bumpers.   The rear rear bumper had an indent for loading.

Also there is no way you can get a 4' X 8' sheet of plywood in the rear door, even at a diagonal.


The Holden Panel Van, on passenger car chassis,  had two back doors.  It also had a sloping "B" pilar.


Below, Spare tyre can be seen behind seat.  Taillight and number plate inset in rear panel.  Could either be seen with bumper in place?

The 39 Sedan Delivery was lumped with Coupe Pickup and Station Wagon called Commercial cars.


My Sedan Delivery, pictured below, had a 261 six and 3.55 rearend it this making it go quite quickly.  The steering got so loose that I quite driving it.  I hope to restore it to stock or modify the steering soon.


 Sorry, Still under construction!!

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