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    Please  click the icon of the article or truck you would like more information about.  I have tried to incorporate many high resolution photos so prepare for long down load time.  If you would like to see a higher resolution image than the one I have posted,  feel free to email me at <c1937@znet.com> and ask for a specific photo.   If you see "**" by a vehicle, this indicates it is a "Special Model" listed below. At the bottom of the page I have listed many pages in this site you might like to view.  Some do not have Icons.

 (New information about Cab Over Engine trux.)
 Start Here with Truck History .  .  . Icons at end of this page for Accessories, Paint Chips,
  .       .       . ID Numbers,  Casting Numbers,  Production figures,  Transmission & Rear end gear ratios.
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 Carry-all Suburban "Burb"**           Canopy Express "Canx"        Panel                         .
 Limosuine & Imperial**                Coupe Pickup                        Sedan Delivery
. .

 Ambulance (Job #271)**   Ton & half Canopy Express        Ton & Half Panel
 Busses                         Cab Over Engine            Simi-Trailers

Commercial Chassis            Utility Express (Pickup)            Stake, Flatbed, Stock Rack

        Woodies & Wagons**      Vans** (Dubl-Duti Package  Delivery)    Flxible Bus 

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    Accessories  .  .  .  .  .  .  Repair tips  .  .  .  .  .  .   Link to Napoleon Volunteer Fire Department.

    **The Special Models Parts Supplement (below) lists special order vehicles not available on the show room floor.  Note that the Suburban Carryall, that had to be special ordered, out sold the Regular Production Canopy Express.   You may check the Production Figures for details.  Note the second entry that describes a 1933 Station Wagon on the half ton chassis.  Using the metal sides of the half ton Panel, This appears to be an early version of the Burb.
    I will be refering to this book when discussing the following 1937 Chevys:  The Ambulance, The Taxi (Limousine), The Burb,  the woodie wagon,  and the Dubl-Duti Van.   (Click word above to view page.)


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 Differential Ratios  .  . 37 Production Figures   . .  Casting Numbers  .
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 . Paint Chips!  .   .   .   .   ID Numbers

  Here's a great website for viewing more old Chevrolet & GMC trux: <http://www.stovebolt.com/truck/>
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Transmission and rearend Gear ratios
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 Pickup, Utility Express
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Paint Colors
 Panel Trux
How many were made?
Repair tips
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 Stake and Flatbeds
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